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What new, life-changing technology will you be a part of? As a computer science major at WLC, the possibilities are nearly endless. 你会 get hands-on experience in several programming languages while you explore software engineering, 机器人, 和游戏. 你会 graduate ready to work or continue your graduate education in this rapidly developing field.

As you gain a strong theoretical background, you’ll learn how to apply theory to practice through work that requires testing, 重新测试, and iterating towards a solution. 你会 also learn problem-solving skills, and ways of thinking that will serve you well in your career in computer science.

Develop broad knowledge in many facets of computer science

Our computer science majors develop critical-thinking skills, as well as broad knowledge in these multidisciplinary facets of computer science. 你会 be proficient in a wide range of languages, 包括c++, C#, Python, JavaScript, SQL, and other languages as appropriate.

You will have 24/7 access to a Makerspace and a networked computer lab with Windows and Linux operating systems. In Windows, you’ll use the professional version of Microsoft’s Visual Studio. In Linux, you’ll work in the GNU environment.

Prepare yourself for a rewarding career

Our computer science program provides a thorough, 实用, and theoretical knowledge of core curriculum, giving you a strong foundation for advanced graduate school study in any of the specialization areas within computer science — or to immediately enter a rewarding and meaningful career after graduation.

The career pathways and specializations that will open to you include:

  • 人工智能
  • 自动语音识别
  • Computer design and engineering
  • 计算机图形学
  • 人机交互
  • 计算机语言
  • 数据挖掘
  • 数据库系统
  • 游戏
  • 移动设备
  • 网络和互联网
  • 操作系统
  • 机器人
  • 软件工程
  • 语音合成
  • 网页设计
Benefit from small class sizes and immersive experiences

你会成功的. Class sizes are small, TAs are non-existent, and you won't find sprawling lecture halls here. WLC is a place where you develop personal relationships with not only your classmates but also your professors. They want you to succeed academically as well as grow spiritually in a safe, nurturing environment. 

你会 graduate from our computer science major with knowledge that extends far beyond textbooks, developing the skillsets most desired in today’s job market.

的Makerspace, 于2022年加入Generac大厅, is a collaboration lab designed to encourage group projects across multiple STEM disciplines. 的Makerspace includes 3D printers, 激光切割机, and a variety of other tools and supplies for students to use in their pursuit of an innovative, 动手制作体验.

作为一个计算机科学专业的学生, you'll have 24/7 access to the Makerspace and attend your 机器人 course within this lab.

Male and female student in Makerspace for 机器人 course

We encourage students to consider experiential learning opportunities outside the classroom. The Greater Milwaukee area provides students with numerous internship opportunities at small businesses or large corporations, giving students the insight and skills necessary for the real-world application of computer science principles. Recent internship locations include Metavante, 立, 预计, 科尔的, 核磁测井, Generac, 江森自控, 和敏度.


Our computer science program properly prepares students for success in graduate school, so much so that one recent graduate received a full-ride scholarship to complete graduate studies at UW-Madison. Another has recently earned a Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance from George Mason University.

The current job market is very strong for computer science majors, with higher than average starting salaries and the opportunity to rapidly increase earning potential.

Graduates of our program are finding success in the workplace, in areas such as database work; designing micro controllers for snowplows; designing and writing software for storing, 检索, and displaying medical images; system testing for a major healthcare software provider; building mobile apps for a grocery chain; designing business intelligence rules for the healthcare industry; information technology support for a major insurance company; and web development. 雇主包括雅培实验室, 平方公尺组, 数字的措施, 距离软件, 史诗, 江森自控, 赛门铁克, TeraMedica Healthcare Technology, 和IBM.

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